1xslots Casino is an excellent online casino offering a whole range of different casino games including slots, poker, blackjack, and video poker. This online casino also supports a huge range of currency including Fiat and bitcoins. The website was launched in May 2021 and ever since then has rapidly gained popularity and is one of the leading casinos on the internet. In this review, I am going to give my personal opinion of this online casino.


Experience an excellent gaming experience at 1xslots Casino with convenient services

Online BetsIn my first few days, I came across this gaming website, I must say it was nice. First of all the website is transparent, which is a big factor for me when choosing a casino. I like playing online casino games by just seeing the gaming room, so the transparency was a great thing for me. The gaming room itself is a spacious place with several tables available to play on. I was instantly attracted to the video poker section, which has some nice and exciting slots games.

During my time at 1xslots Casino, I did manage to win money and I have played several games that were fun and interesting. One game, in particular, I enjoyed playing, was the “mickey mouse” bonus slot game. In this game you had to place a lot of bets and then hope the mouse got “extra spins” and the result was either a free-spin or something else was brought in. The bonus was for 10 coins which I thought was a nice addition to the game as it meant you would not be paying out tons of coins which could potentially lose you the game.

Other games on offer at 1xslots Casino were exciting too. The slots were exciting for me, there was always a fight going on and sometimes I even won, which was good because I was able to walk away with a nice amount of cash. On “Mickey Mouse” I also managed to hit the jackpot which allowed me to walk away with loads of extra coins! I wasn't expecting this at all and managed to walk away with loads of coins, which made this game very exciting. There were a lot of other slots games on offer including online slots and live casino games.

When you win at 1xslots Casino, you can then use the cash back option, which is provided for in the member area. This cashback option allows you to get back a percentage of your winnings. So, if you played the “Mickey Mouse” bonus slot game and won then you would have the opportunity to get 5% of your winnings back. This is a fantastic feature to see and I am glad that all the casinos are offering this now. This is great news, as many people struggle to make ends meet when they win and then need to take out loans to pay for the gaming losses.


You should look for when you are looking for an online casino is customer support

Online Bets

The one drawback that I have noticed with the casino games at 1xslots Casino is that there are only four slots available. This may seem a little limiting but it provides a very unique experience. If you have a limited budget then you are not going to be able to spend all of the time that you would like to play these games.

As well as this, you are not going to find a lot of other games on the site that offers the same benefits that you will find with the “Mickey Mouse” slot machines. Although, if you do find a game that you enjoy playing this should not dissuade you from trying it out.

You should look for a casino that has a lot of positive feedback from previous customers. This will allow you to know that the company is legitimate and is trustworthy. It is also a good idea to check the customer support staff that is available to help you with any problems that you may be having. The customer support staff at 1xslots Casino should is very helpful and I feel comfortable with them.

When it comes to withdrawing your winnings from 1xslots Casino you must follow the rules. If you fail to follow these rules then you may have some issues with your account. If you are not sure how to go about withdrawal then you should look up the information on the website. The majority of casinos are very strict with their withdrawal policies. In this case, they do want you to be able to enjoy your winnings and the casino would like to ensure that you do not take this advantage away from them by taking advantage of the withdrawal rules. If you are unsure as to how to withdraw your winnings from 1xslots Casino then you should seek the advice of the gaming staff.